KANFOR - Climber - Polartec Windbloc gloves

Gloves with a wind-resistant membrane, fully reinforced with IRONMAN® ideal for mountain exploration activities.

Polartec Windbloc

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Fabric:Polartec Windbloc

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Fully reinforced with IRONMAN® these gloves are ideal for mountain exploration activities.

  • They are made of windproof, breathable and waterproof membrane material Polartec® Windbloc® produced by a leading American company Polartec Inc. USA, providing a perfect balance of protection, breathability and thermal comfort.
  • A combination of an exceptional shape and innovative fabric makes them suitable for a wide range of uses, ensuring reliable hand protection both in extremely tough mountain conditions and during all kinds of skiing and tourist pursuits.
  • The palm, thumb and fingers have been enhanced with Ironman® a fabric with kevlar properties, increasing the gloves'' durability and dexterity and making it easier to hold objects during mountain exploration activities.
  • Specially seamed incisions have been made in the reinforcement, so you can bend your fingers without strain.
  • The reinforcement of the palm goes smoothly over a part of the back of the glove, protecting the base material against abrasion during rope descent or dynamic belay.
  • The CLIMBER gloves are so comfortable and close-fitting that you can climb without taking them off .
  • The Ironman® fabric is sufficiently rough, improving your grip during mixed climbing.

Polartec Windbloc

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